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ArtChameleonChameleon on the roadside. Laminadera, northern Uganda, November 2013Cute puppies in northern Uganda. Laminadera, Uganda, November 2013Jacob, a former child soldier in northern UgandaMichael, a participant in the Grassroots Reconciliation Group in northern UgandaJacob at his church. Olwal, northern Uganda, November 2013Chameleon on the roadBirds on a wire for soccer. Gulu, northern Uganda, March 2011Street market. Kampala, Uganda, December 2011Woman walking in Walikale. Eastern Congo, February 2012Pastures of war. Masisi, eastern Congo, February 2012Pride and passion – dancing in Rwanda. Rutongo, Rwanda, March 2011Bullet holes from Kony’s LRA in northern Uganda. Gulu, Uganda, June 2009The quiet, hopeful heroines of northern Uganda. Olwal, Uganda, March 2011Waiting for the market. South Kivu, eastern Congo, March 2011A family on a Saturday afternoon. Entebbe on Lake Victoria, Uganda, December 2008A film-like cast of characters. Opit, northern Uganda. May 2010Shiny temptation. Gold nuggets in eastern Congo worth about $15,000. Bukavu, eastern Congo. April 2010Sunset at Victoria Falls. Livingstone, Zambia, December 2010The new gold rush. Rutongo, Rwanda. March 2011What is your world like? Boy in a refugee camp, Kitchanga, eastern Congo, March 2011Equatorial eventide. Sunset over Burundi, April 2010