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A window into concentration.  Dupont Circle, DC, April 2011A focused beauty. Harar, Ethiopia, New Years Day, 2012Don’t stand in my way, if you’re opposed to human rights. Kasper Agger, Olwal, Uganda, March 2011Ready for the World Cup. Dewey Beach, Delaware. August 2010I WILL make it to the top of the mountain. Or I’ll kill someone in the process. VA, Summer 2011Cafe latte on Christmas. Kampala, Uganda, December 2011Mark Kapeluck, as part of the Gallery Quartet. Hagerstown, MD, November 2009Scent of the sunset. Skopelos island, Greece. August 2010Local government office. Walikale, Congo, February 2012George Clooney getting arrested at the Sudanese Embassy. Washington, DC, March 2012The storyteller extraordinaire. My mom!  Kreeger Museum Open House, Washington, DC, September 2008Visionary colorist: Painter Ritah Edopu. Kampala, Uganda, March 2011A master of her domain. At a park just outside Mt Vernon, VA. February 2011