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King of the green. In the Smith College botanical garden, Northampton, Mass., July 2009The leaf with nine lives. Mason Neck State Park, VA, February 2011Bluescape from another planet. Credit goes to my mom for this one, she was there and took it!  I only edited. ANTARCTICA folks.  YES, ANTARCTICA. February 2011Sometimes northern Uganda has the most amazing moments, just don’t miss them! Palaro, Uganda, December 2008Praying for snow. Mason Neck State Park, VA, February 2011Water from a waterfall. Sipi Falls, Uganda. December 2008Rushing through the rocks.  Any guesses where?  Hint, it’s a national park…  July 2009Family reunion. Chobe National Park, Botswana, December 2010Morning mist at the Uganda-Rwanda border, June 2009Chameleon on Mt Elgon, Uganda, December 2008Blooming in the summer. Ohrid, Macedonia. August 2008