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The March: Danakil Depression, Northern Ethiopia         	                  $200Looking into the Belly of Time  Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia	       $300Drama in the Hills: Mt Hood, Oregon      		       $200Dramatic Meditation: Siloli Desert, Bolivia		       $200The Protector: Nairobi, Kenya	       $200Procession of life: Danakil Depression, Northern Ethiopia     		       $300Pret a cuirer? Woman selling spices. Harar, Ethiopia, New Years Day, 2012Red, white, and blue: the Capitol just after sunset. Washington, DC, November 2011ArtChameleonChameleon on the roadside. Laminadera, northern Uganda, November 2013Cute puppies in northern Uganda. Laminadera, Uganda, November 2013Ever heard of a spit pot? Russian summer camp. Rural VA, July 2011Green tree mamba. Can you guess where this was taken?The details we sometimes overlook. The Brooklyn Bridge, NY, July 2011Lock of love. Paris, France. May 2011And the rest was just a blur… Baltimore, MD, October 2011Misty summer day in Maine. Just outside Bar Harbor, ME, July 2009Want to buy a hen? Enterprising girls in post-war northern Uganda. Koro, Uganda, December 2011The captain’s magic. Ggaba, Uganda, December 2011A mother and her babe. Just off from Lake Victoria, Uganda. December 2008Readying against a rebel attack. Congolese army officer, Kaniola, eastern Congo. June 2009Color amidst the war. On Lake Kivu, eastern Congo. March 2011Scott Pelley on a 60 Minutes shoot. Kampala, Uganda, June 2009Jesus, guns, and monastaries. Meteora, northern Greece. August 2010Roasting for the mood. Coffee ceremony, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, December 2011Boy at gold mine. Nyamurhale, eastern Congo, February 2012My personal postcard from Paris, November 2011Ankole cow waiting for slaughter. Kampala, Uganda, December 2011Struggle and bravery: the real soldiers. Outside Bukavu, eastern Congo, June 2009The salute of a champion. Nyamuragira, Congo, February 2012A biting light show like a slinky in the sky. Washington, DC, November 2011Internally displaced persons camp. Kitchanga, Congo, March 2011Jaws of blood. Kampala, Uganda, December 2011Handprint on the water. Lake Kivu, Rwanda, April 2010Heavenly hands. Atop Bogota, Colombia’s largest hill, September 2009Jacob, a former child soldier in northern Uganda